Friday, 12 April 2024

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Memeinator presale to stage 16 as AI token demand sees Worldcoin hit a record

Memeinator Announced: Taking on the Meme Coin Market With a $1 Billion Vision

  • Memeinator presale has raised nearly $5 million.
  • AI tokens have seen increased demand as WLD reaches a new record price.
  • MMTR benefits from AI trends and use cases in Web 3.0.

Memeinator’s (MMTR) presale success was underlined yet again as the token quickly sold out in Stage 15. Now, in presale stage 16, investors have bought more than $4.994 million worth of tokens. Memeinator, despite being non-AI token, has been benefiting from the growing popularity of generative AI. That’s partly because it capitalises on AI to grow its role as a meme coin terminator. As this happens, Sam Altman’s AI token, Worldcoin (WLD), reached a new record price. The confluence of factors benefits Memeinator in its endeavour to become the most traded meme coin. Let’s discover more.

The rising demand for AI tokens pushes Worldcoin to a record

Worldcoin is a token on demand. After launching last year with pomp and colour and a bit of controversy, the token is back to its best. Increased speculation in AI cryptocurrencies saw WLD reach a record price above $9.

Similarly, Worldcoin’s Worldapp saw increased signups last week. The number of daily users rose past 1 million, the key possible reason for the rise in the price of the token.

Investors, from stocks to cryptos and applications, have been rushing to invest in AI-facing projects. This comes amid expectations that AI will become the next big thing. AI company stocks such as NVIDIA are also trading at elevated levels in line with these expectations.

Launched in July 2023, Worldcoin debuted with its unique plan of giving users a global digital identity. Crafted from the depths of AI, Altman hoped that the ID would provide users with a tamper-proof identity. Consequently, WLD price has benefited from increased demand for AI assets. 

Memeinator: A meme presale benefiting from AI and GameFi trends

Since launching a presale, Memeinator has been in high gear. Investors have been attracted to the project’s unique role in the meme sector and utilities in Web 3.0.

Memeinator pushes the boundaries of what was considered realistic with its idealistic meme promise. The project focuses on destroying meme cryptocurrencies that have failed in their quest to offer value. This is informed by the fact that the rapid growth of memes has seen low-quality and non-original coins thrive.

The project’s mantra is simple:…

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