Wednesday, 17 April 2024

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StarkWare adjusts STRK unlock schedule as Bitcoin Dogs soars

StarkWare adjusts STRK unlock schedule as Bitcoin Dogs soars

  • StarkWare updates token unlock schedule as interest in Bitcoin Dogs grows
  • Bitcoin Dogs presale near $4 million milestone amid massive investor interest.
  • Bitcoin Dogs’ token $0DOG is the first BRC-20 ICO on Bitcoin.

StarkWare, the developer firm supporting the Ethereum Layer-2 protocol Starknet, has heeded to community feedback, changing the unlock schedule of allocated STRK tokens. 

As the crypto community mulls what this means for Starknet ecosystem contributors, new crypto project Bitcoin Dogs continues to dominate the presale market. With its value proposition, it’s emerging as one of the best ICO projects today.

StarkWare adjusts token unlock

On Thursday, StarkWare announced an update to the unlocking schedule for the Starknet (STRK) token – news that saw the price of recently launched token rise sharply. The platform acted after criticism over a schedule that would have seen a massive chunk of the allocated 1.3 billion STRK unlocked in April.

The new schedule significantly cuts the amount of tokens to be unlocked and charts a gradual release over the next few years.

According to the revised schedule, 64 million, or 0.64% of the initial 10 billion supply will unlock on April 15 – not the earlier planned 1.34 billion drop. StarkWare will unlock 6.4% of the allocated tokens every month until March 15, 2025.

This program will see 580 million STRK tokens allocated to early contributors and investors unlocked in 2024, compared to the 2 billion earmarked under the previous schedule. More unlocks will follow over the next three years, with 1.4 billion in 2025, 1.5 billion in 2026 and 380 million by March 15, 2027.

Starknet airdropped over 700 million STRK tokens to early users and other eligible wallets early this week.

Bitcoin Dogs presale is flying

Bitcoin Dogs launched as the first-ever ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain in mid-February – specifically on February 14, 2024.

In under a week, the project’s presale for the native $0DOG token has raised nearly $4 million from early investors. With a new era not just for gaming and NFTs on Bitcoin, but for the crypto investment space at large, the fast-paced ICO is a revelation that is sending ripples across the industry.

As the Bitcoin Dogs team notes on their website, this is a project that is more than just a new BRC-20 token. It comes packed with an entire range of offerings,…

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