Friday, 12 April 2024

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Reddit adds Bitcoin and Ethereum as retail interest in crypto fuels Bitbot’s presale

New Non-Custodial Telegram Trading Bot Bitbot Raises $300k In First 72 Hours Of Presale

  • Reddit investment underlines growing retail interest in crypto.
  • Bitbot empowers retail traders with institutional-grade technology.
  • BITBOT presale has accelerated amid bullish crypto expectations.

Social platform Reddit has been allocating its excess cash to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The revelation came after an initial public filing with the US, sending huge expectations in crypto markets. The cryptocurrency news favours Bitbot.  Bitbot’s presale, which has been in high demand, surged past $672,000 on rising demand. Optimism is that Bitbot might ride the retail interest in digital assets to attain unparalleled success.

Bitbot: The first self-custodial trading bot ignites bullish expectations

Telegram trading bots have been on the rise lately. Their ability to enable seamless buying, selling, and managing of crypto assets makes them preferable to many. As of today, the cumulative trading volume on Telegram bots has exceeded $9 billion. The volumes are not by accident.

Telegram trading bots like Bitbot pull retail and institutional investors alike. This has enabled them to have a high demand, fueling price rallies whenever they are launched.

Since launching a presale, Bitbot has drawn huge predictions as the first self-custodial trading bot. It should be recalled that successful trading bot tokens like Banana Gun and Unibot have suffered exploits. The exploit emanated from their security measures, in which users do not control their private keys and funds.

Bitbot’s bullish predictions emerge from the popularity of trading bots and its superior security measures. With a self-custodial feature, users have total control of their funds through ownership of private keys. Investors wary of the predecessors’ vulnerabilities are excited that this token fills a crucial gap and need. 

In addition to being self-custodial, vulnerability at Bitbot is prevented through continuous monitoring. The project’s security is enhanced with anti-EV Bots that continually block potential attackers. This is complemented with anti-rug features. The improved security cements Bitbot as the best Telegram trading bot, as exploits are kept at bay. 

Reddit’s investment in BTC and ETH fuels retail crypto frenzy

Reddit is a platform popular with retail traders. Notably, events like the GameStop mania and AMC stock surge were fueled by retail frenzy on…

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