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AI Analysis Launches The AIA Mastercard – The Future of Crypto-Fiat Transactions

AI Analysis Launches The AIA Mastercard – The Future of Crypto-Fiat Transactions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 23rd, 2024, Chainwire

AI Analysis (AIA) proudly announces the launch of the AIA Mastercard, its groundbreaking Crypto-to-Fiat Card, in association with Mastercard.

“It’s not just a card, it’s a revolutionary step in bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and real-world transactions, offering unparalleled convenience and freedom to our users” says Faisal Rahman, Chief Executive Officer of AI Analysis. “We are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution, providing users with a tool that not only simplifies but also elevates their financial transactions.”

Unmatched Spending Limits

The AIA Mastercard sets a new benchmark in the industry with its exceptional spending limits. Users can enjoy up to €2,000 in daily ATM withdrawals, €10,000 daily spending limit, and an extraordinary €100,000 monthly spending limit. These limits are unmatched in the current market, positioning the AIA Mastercard as a top-tier choice for cryptocurrency users.

Faisal says, “This is just the beginning, we’re in works to launch more cards, physical and virtual, with higher limits in the near future, to cater to both the high-volume trader and the everyday user. These limits are indicative of AI Analysis’s confidence in its security and its commitment to providing substantial financial freedom to its users.”

Competitive Fee Structure

Understanding the need for cost-effective transactions, AIA Mastercard offers a competitive fee structure. “There is a top up fee of 2.5% and a transaction fee of 2% for non-EU countries. However, for transactions within the EU, the card offers a 0% transaction fee, making it an attractive option for users in the region. Our fee structure is competitive compared to the other options available to the users, however, with a primary focus on making it accessible and convenient to the users. We are working to offer these benefits to users in other regions in the near future” says Faisal.

Global Usability and Upcoming Features

The AIA Mastercard is accepted worldwide, wherever Mastercard is accepted, granting access to any ATM worldwide. In the near future, the AIA Mastercard will also support Apple Pay and Google Pay, adding to its versatility. Additionally, an app is in development to help users track their spending, balance, and manage their card details…

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