Wednesday, 17 April 2024

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Pullix raises $7M as presale enters last stage ahead of eagerly awaited launch

Pullix raises $7M as presale enters last stage ahead of eagerly awaited launch

  • Pullix raises $7M in presale, nearing eagerly awaited launch.
  • The presale is in the final stage and over 3 million tokens have already been sold.
  • PLX token empowers users with passive income and trading discounts.

Pullix, a pioneering force in decentralized finance (DeFi), has garnered significant attention as it approaches the culmination of its presale phase.

With $7 million raised thus far, Pullix stands poised to revolutionize the crypto trading landscape with its innovative hybrid exchange platform. As the presale’s final stage quickly progresses, anticipations are mounting for the much-anticipated launch of Pullix, which could signal a new era in crypto trading.

Pullix: bridging centralized and decentralized trading

Pullix introduces a novel approach to DeFi with its hybrid exchange, seamlessly integrating the strengths of centralized and decentralized platforms.

At the core of the Pullix exchange lies the PLX token, which empowers users with passive income, trading discounts, and exclusive rewards. PLX holders partake in the platform’s success through a transparent revenue-sharing mechanism while maintaining control over their assets.

PLX’s utility in the Pullix ecosystem

PLX serves as the lifeblood of the Pullix ecosystem, offering users a host of benefits that enhance their trading experience.

With PLX, traders can earn passive income by staking tokens in the market-making liquidity pool. Additionally, PLX holders enjoy significant discounts on trading fees, making transactions more cost-effective. Exclusive rewards further incentivize participation, distributed from Pullix’s daily revenues.

According to the information provided on Pullix’s official website, when Pullix launches and trading begins, a percentage of the daily revenues from Pullix shall be used to purchase $PLX tokens from the open market for burning to reduce the supply as the demand rises.

The almost-ending PLX presale

The presale phase of PLX has witnessed remarkable success, with more than $7 million raised as the final stage quickly progresses.

Currently priced at $0.14 per token, the presale offers investors a unique opportunity to acquire PLX before the much-awaited launch.

With over 3 million tokens sold and approximately 67.7% of the total supply remaining, the presale reflects the growing enthusiasm and support for Pullix. As the countdown…

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