Wednesday, 17 April 2024

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Pullix price outlook as $PLX edges towards explosive market debut

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  • Pullix ($PLX) is in the last stage of its presale, with over $6.8 million raised.
  • $PLX price in stage 8 is $0.14 and could explode to $1 post launch – expected in early March.
  • Bitcoin’s rally, DeFi ecosystem growth and the AI narrative could be key bullish factors for $PLX.

As major AI crypto tokens revel in OpenAI’s Sora release spotlight, there’s anticipation elsewhere in the DeFi market as crypto project Pullix ($PLX) nears the end of its presale. Tipped to be one of the 100x gems in 2024, the next few days could be the only time $PLX is available at current prices. 

Pullix: Pioneering hybrid exchange

Pullix is a new platform that brings a hybrid infrastructure model to the online trading space. While it will offer the best of CEX and DEX to users via its hybrid design, there’s one major factor that’s attracting attention to this platform.

It is Pullix’s solution to DeFi’s liquidity problem. As traders benefit from access to cryptocurrency, stocks, forex and other assets, they will be incentivized to provide liquidity as they tap into self-custody trading and robust security features. 

That will come with Pullix’s pioneering Trade-to-Earn feature. In this case, Pullix also provides for a unique revenue-sharing system that rewards $PLX to users, sharing out profits from the exchange’s daily revenue.

$PLX enters final presale stage

After a successful seven stages, the project has entered the final stage 8, with over $6.8 million raised ahead of the native token $PLX launching in the market.

According to details of the presale page, stage 8 is only 12 days away from the end. Investors still keen on being part of the revolutionary hybrid DeFi can buy $PLX at $0.14 and lock in potentially 100x gains when the project takes over across the DeFi market.

What factors could be bullish for Pullix price?

While Bitcoin’s surge to above $52k provides an upside boost to most altcoins, there are several other potential catalysts that could help push $PLX price higher in 2024.

The expected rally for AI tokens amid a growing AI narrative will be key as will be the market performance of Ethereum and Solana – key players in the DeFi ecosystem. A resurgence in the DeFi space amid the bullish sentiment for tokens such as Uniswap, THORChain and Injective means crypto investors looking for unique opportunities are taking a keen…

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