Thursday, 20 June 2024

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Missed Bitcoin and Ethereum waves? NuggetRush unveils new generation NFT gaming rewards

Missed Bitcoin and Ethereum waves? NuggetRush unveils new generation NFT gaming rewards

  • Bitcoin jumps amid rising demand for spot BTC ETFs.
  • Ethereum’s investor sentiment could rise following excitement around its March 13 upgrades.
  • NuggetRush (NUGX) unveils a gaming community where ambitious investors can win gold rewards.

Spot BTC ETF inflows have skyrocketed to over $2.1 billion pushing Bitocin price higher as Ethereum on the other hand gears up for a major network upgrade in March.

NuggetRush (NUGX) is also gaining attention in the digital asset industry after its blockchain ICO sold 171 million tokens. Yet, can this make NUGX one of the best altcoins to buy? Join the discussion.

Bitcoin rises to $50,000 as Spot ETF inflows skyrocket

Bitcoin (BTC) has recovered impressively from its slight fall below the $40,000 range. Its trading activity has grown sharply, pushing BTC to high levels in February. Bitcoin’s (BTC) pump coincides with the sharp increase in demand for its Spot ETFs. 

BTC traded at $44,167 on January 1. It jumped by 4.9% to $46,368 on January 11 after the SEC approved its spot ETFs. BTC fell by 14.7% to $39,507 on January 22 before jumping to $45,301 on February 8 and hitting $50,000 on February 12.

Spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs have been in high demand since their launch. BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF generated the fifth largest inflows among all spot ETFs in January. The total inflows into spot Bitcoin ETFs have surpassed $2.1 billion. Daily spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF inflows also jumped to $400 million on February 8.

Ethereum sets March date for Dencun upgrades

After a call with top developers, the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain announced the launch of its anticipated Dencun upgrades on March 13, 2024. The upgrade will reduce transaction costs for auxiliary layer-2 networks on Ethereum (ETH). Furthermore, it would boost data storage on Ethereum (ETH).

Excitement around the news could help push Ethereum’s price back to the $2,600 range. ETH traded at $2,352 on January 1. As of January 11, ETH jumped by 11.3% to $2,619. ETH’s bullish momentum fell sharply, and the token dropped by 12.8% to $2,282 on January 31. It then recovered by 6.0% to $2,419 on February 7.

Ethereum’s (ETH) Dencun upgrades could help boost development activity on the network. By reducing costs for auxiliary layer-2 networks, more apps and services can leverage Ethereum’s (ETH) technology. This would help Ethereum (ETH) withstand…

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