Sunday, 3 March 2024

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Why experienced investors are turning to NuggetRush amidst the meme coin frenzy?

Why experienced investors are turning to NuggetRush amidst the meme coin frenzy?

  • Shiba Inu burned billions of tokens in January.
  • BONK could fall further amid growing competition from meme coin rivals.
  • NuggetRush (NUGX) could become the most in-demand play-to-earn network after its 80% price increase.

The price of SHIB is still struggling despite over 9 billion SHIB tokens being burned by Shiba Inu in January 2024. On the other hand, competition from other meme coins could push BONK down in the market.

Now, investors see NuggetRush (NUGX) as a last hope to secure stable returns and gold rewards. The project has sold nearly 169 million tokens. Yet, can NUGX become a better investment than top altcoins like SHIB and BONK? Let’s hear from market experts.

NuggetRush: matching expectations with high-value gold rewards

Speculation in the NFT gaming industry is rising NuggetRush prepares to launch the first-ever blockchain mining game. While gamers are thrilled by the prospect of an immersive strategy-based game, investors and crypto enthusiasts are more excited about earning NFT rewards that can be traded for real gold.

NuggetRush players primarily aim to become the game’s best miners and sit atop its leaderboard. To achieve this, players will set off on their journey with only miners and equipment while upgrading them as they progress. 

With better NFT characters and machinery, a player’s mining efficiency will increase, boosting their chances of completing quests and earning financial rewards.

As for wealth-building, NuggetRush (NUGX) offers staking and trading of NFT assets. Rare in-game rewards called RUSHGEMS can be swapped for real-world gold at the game’s P2P marketplace. On the other hand, NuggetRush (NUGX) players can earn up to 20% APY rewards by staking their NFT assets.

NuggetRush is now in the last phases of its presale, and investors have already swooped up over 168 million NUGX tokens. In that time, NUGX’s price has risen by 80%, moving from $0.010 in round one to $0.018 by round five of its presale. 

Investors are already anticipating another 11.1% rise to $0.020 as NUGX is gearing up for its listing. Furthermore, it is showing strong signs of becoming one of the top DeFi projects.

Shiba Inu burns 9 billion tokens

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