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The revolutionary Massa ecosystem is launching now

The revolutionary Massa ecosystem is launching now

Paris, France, January 30th, 2024, Chainwire

With a 150k-strong community, thousands of nodes around the world, a custom consensus technology, and its native MAS token, the award-winning Massa blockchain is launching with unique features such as Autonomous Smart Contracts, enabling decentralization and resilience.

Massa’s vision is to allow apps to be deployed on thousands of computers around the world and operate autonomously forever without relying on any external infrastructure, while being resistant to censorship and hacking.

After a successful mainnet bootstrap on January 15th, 2024, millions of blocks and close to 100,000 transactions have already been settled by the high-throughput L1 blockchain. Building on top of that backbone, Massa has laid down its strategy for ecosystem development and liquidity buildup.

The Massa Foundation was freshly created in Switzerland to handle the Massa ecosystem, orchestrate incentive programs, and fuel community initiatives of all sorts. Community members will be given a strong voice in the decision process through forums open to token holders, where proposals ranging from changes in network parameters to grants will be debated. As early as 2024, the foundation is expected to integrate community members into its board. The foundation will also organize various events such as the Massa Community Conference to bring the community together.

For the year 2024, the Foundation is allocating 2% of the MAS supply as grants for builders proposing projects that fit the ecosystem ideals and goals, with an emphasis on those that make use of the features unique to Massa. Dozens of projects are already building.

The community and public sales are starting as of January 30th on Republic and lasting 2 weeks, which may be followed by other launchpads and CEX/DEX listing announcements. Token holders can apply to the project’s liquidity incentives program, or easily run light nodes on their personal computers in order to obtain proof-of-stake block rewards.

  • The Massa Foundation is allocating 1.7% of the MAS supply to be distributed in the next 6 months as liquidity incentives within a program that will be revealed step by step.
  • The first step involves incentivizing users to bridge tokens towards Massa dapps by giving them an extra native yield on liquidity provider (LP) tokens. Users will be incentivized to…

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