Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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UNIBOT price outlook as Bitbot presale gathers pace

UNIBOT price outlook as Bitbot presale gathers pace

  • Unibot price outlook as new Telegram trading bot Bitbot hits presale stage
  • UNIBOT trades around $89 on January 20, down from highs of $236 in August 2023.
  • With the token’s early investors seeing 200x following its launch, could Bitbot prove a better buy in 2024 given its advantages over Unibot?

New Telegram trading bot Bitbot (BITBOT) launched its presale as anticipated earlier this week. It is currently attracting huge interest as the raised amount surpasses $147k in just three days. 

Meanwhile, Unibot (UNIBOT), one of the popular Telegram-based crypto trading apps, is looking to bounce after hitting lows of $74.73 on January 19.

Here is Unibot’s price outlook as the market eyes fresh momentum following this week’s struggles. But could Bitbot’s explosive start to the presale be a precursor of its eventual dominance of the space?

What is Bitbot?

Bitbot is a Telegram trading platform that offers the world’s first non-custodial crypto trading bot. What this means is that unlike other trading apps on Telegram, Bitbot will not hold or store its users’ crypto.

This all boils down to security, which is a priority following recent compromises, including those that involved Unibot and Banana Gun. Bitbot’s non-custodial design, which taps into MPC wallet security of decentralized digital asset custody provider Knightsafe, is currently not available via any other Telegram trading bot.

By tapping into MPC Custody, the bot ensures a keyless management system where control over assets remains with the trader. Also key is the anti-MEV and anti-rug tools that provide a further shield against monitoring bots and potential scams.

Apart from top-notch security, the Solid Proof audited project also offers access to copy trading, yield optimization and automated sniping. With such tools at a trader’s disposal, anyone can now take advantage of the opportunities available in the crypto trading market.

Bitbot presale is live

After a long wait for its presale debut, Bitbot hit the market on January 17, 2024, debuting its BITBOT token sale at $0.01.

The amount raised has quickly shot past $100,000 as early adopters signal the industry’s confidence in the trading bot’s technology, features and potential. Unibot has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, 300 million of which will be available to presale participants across 15 stages. 

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