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Nasdaq and Cboe eyeing Bitcoin ETF Options, Pullix’s PLX presale nears $4M

Nasdaq and Cboe eyeing Bitcoin ETF Options, Pullix’s PLX presale nears $4M

  • SEC nods propel Bitcoin ETF options trading by Nasdaq and Cboe, marking a significant leap in crypto investment avenues.
  • Nasdaq’s BTC ETF options promise cost efficiency, advanced hedging; Analysts foresee hedge fund influx.
  • Pullix’s PLX token presale gains traction, introducing a game-changing “Trade-to-Earn” concept, reshaping crypto engagement.

Just when everyone thought that 2024 had seen the most after the recent spot Bitocin ETFs approval by the US SEC, excitement is rippling through the crypto community again as Nasdaq and Cboe gear up for Bitcoin ETF options trading. The two have already filed applications with the SEC and the regulatory authority has recognized the applications.

Simultaneously, Pullix, a hybrid trading platform is promising a new era in decentralized finance.

Nasdaq and Cboe Bitcoin ETF Options trading move

In a screenshot posted on X by James Seyffart, the SEC has already acknowledged the 19b-4s requesting the ability to trade options on spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Nasdaq’s proposal centres around listing options for BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust, while Cboe aims to trade options on exchange-traded products (ETPs) holding Bitcoin. Notably, Cboe’s prominent role in launching six of the SEC-approved spot BTC ETFs positions it as a key player in shaping the crypto market.

With positive market responses and efficient tracking of Bitcoin’s price since ETF trading initiation on January 11, options trading is considered the “next logical step,” offering enhanced utility and risk management for investors.

Options trading in BTC ETFs, as proposed by Nasdaq, is hailed for bringing cost efficiencies and advanced hedging strategies to investors. Derivatives provide the right to buy or sell an asset within a specified timeframe, enhancing utility for a broader investor base, including traditional finance sectors.

Analyst Dave Nadig from VettaFi in an interview with CNBC predicted that the introduction of BTC ETF options will attract hedge fund players,…

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