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strong contenders, but here’s why Borroe Finance shouldn’t be overlooked

strong contenders, but here's why Borroe Finance shouldn't be overlooked

Chainlink (LINK) registered extended gains within a long-term range as Stellar (XLM) experienced a paltry upward nudge. Meanwhile, Borroe Finance ($ROE) has also delivered remarkable performance similar to these top altcoins.

Let’s compare Borroe Finance’s ($ROE) growth to that of these top crypto coins.

Chainlink price soars: what to expect

Chainlink (LINK) rose on January 8 while lingering within a 120-day horizontal range. Looking at Chainlink’s price path, LINK has been trading within this range since November 8. On December 28, Chainlink (LINK) swerved from this region, reaching $17.68, an annual high.

Subsequently, the price of LINK fell to $12.53 on January 8, bringing it back to the range. Notwithstanding, crypto analysts hold a bullish view of Chainlink (LINK) amid its zigzag price movement. In a tweet on January 8, LINKPULLER, a notable Chainlink (LINK) proponent, revealed that the Chainlink Grayscale Trust is trading at a premium, indicating a potential price surge.

The chart reflects that Chainlink (LINK) soared 15.50% from $13.00. Nu to $15.19 between January 8 and January 14. Considering LINK’s momentum, experts opined that Chainlink (LINK) could reach $20.00 in the coming days. This move will translate to a 31.6% increase in the price of LINK.

Stellar rises amid an increase in trade volume

Market data recently revealed an exciting Stellar (XLM) blockchain development. On January 9, a report highlighted an increase in the trade volume of Stellar (XLM), which gained over 9% during the week. As a result, Stellar (XLM) now boasts $60.7 million in trade volume.

Although XLM’s performance was low compared to other altcoins, the Stellar coin has displayed potential for a future rally. On the technical front, the Relative Strength Index, a metric that indicates whether a coin is overbought or oversold, presented Stellar (XLM) in the oversold region. This outlook typically suggests an impending rally.

Stellar (XLM) rose 5.61% from $146.10 to $154.30 between January 8 and January 14. Experts noted in the Stellar price prediction that XLM could attain $160 in the coming days. This projection suggests an anticipated 3.6% increase in the price of Stellar (XLM).

Borroe investors set sight on a 5.2% surge

Borroe Finance ($ROE) has demonstrated valour and resilience even in the face of the bear market at the start of its…

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