Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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Bitbot gears up for presale amid uncertainty ahead of first BTC options expiry post ETF approval

Memeinator price outlook as Bitcoin, crypto eye big week

  • BTC options expiry reveals short-term volatility post ETF approval.
  • Bitbot’s presale on Jan 17 promises unprecedented excitement with self-custodial solutions.
  • With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, Bitbot aims for a $1B market cap and top listings.

As 2024 signals the potential start of a new bull run, the crypto market is buzzing with excitement. The recent Bitcoin ETF approval sparks short-term volatility, while Bitbot, a revolutionary Telegram trading bot, gears up for its token presale on January 17.

In this article, we delve into the first anticipated Bitcoin options expiry post Bitcoin ETF approval and the upcoming Bitbot presale, exploring the potential for exhilarating opportunities in the evolving crypto landscape.

First BTC Options expiry post Bitcoin ETF approval

The approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETF on Wall Street has set the stage for unprecedented market movements. Despite the historical significance, Bitcoin’s price exhibits a muted response, currently trading at $46,080.

According to Greeks.Live, as of January 12, 36,000 Bitcoin options are on the verge of expiration, presenting a Put Call Ratio of 0.9. With a Maxpain point at $45,000 and a notional value of $1.68 billion, the market anticipates a short-term rollercoaster ride.

Crypto market post-Bitcoin ETF approval

While the adoption of the Bitcoin Spot ETF promises long-term benefits, short-term uncertainties persist. Short-term implied volatilities (IVs) experienced a peak before declining, creating an environment of caution and anticipation among investors.

Santiment’s data suggests a potential shift post-ETF approval, with a slight decrease in active Bitcoin (BTC) wallets. Although this might not significantly impact prices, traders may explore transitioning to ETF exposure, adding a layer of intrigue to market dynamics.

Bitbot’s presale buzz

As the crypto community braces for potential market shifts, Bitbot, a Telegram bot, emerges as a disruptive force, offering a self-custodial trading solution on…

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