Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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$TIA Eyes Further Gains as $GFOX Presale Reaches Over $2.3 Million

$TIA Eyes Further Gains as $GFOX Presale Reaches Over $2.3 Million

$GFOX progress piques crypto enthusiasts’ interests, as $TIA eyes continued price pump

If you’re looking for good investments, $TIA could be a good crypto to buy now. The token impressed with its year-end run, and the momentum has extended to the new year. $TIA is looking to keep up its run, and its future outlook suggests it could be one of the best cryptos to invest in. $TIA isn’t the only impressive altcoin currently. 

The new presale meme coin, $GFOX, is also having a good run, surpassing $2.3 million on presale. Both altcoins are profitable investments this year. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): Fox-themed Hybrid Meme Coin With Excellent Utility 

Galaxy Fox is an Ethereum-based meme ecosystem where users can play, earn, and have fun. The crypto project is dedicated to providing users with fun and income-earning opportunities. Galaxy Fox will leverage meme appeal and features to create fun, while its web3 game, runner, will be the basic earning medium in the ecosystem. The Runner game is P2E, and users can enjoy the thrill of playing against each other while earning. 

You can also earn on Galaxy Fox by staking the $GFOX token. Staking rewards come from the crypto project’s Stargate – the central hub for allocating residual earnings to staked tokens. Stargate is funded by automatically adding 2% of every transaction’s total value. It facilitates ecosystem replenishment and fuels committed $GFOX token holders’ passion. Staking $GFOX tokens makes you eligible to receive a proportional share of Stargate’s rewards periodically. This satisfactory incentivizing gives users compelling reasons to HODL the $GFOX tokens. 

Minting and trading Galaxy Fox NFTs is another feasible way of benefiting from the crypto project. Galaxy Fox is releasing about 3000 of its coolest NFTs during its ongoing presale, and you can mint them directly on Galaxy Fox’s official website and trade them on popular NFTs trading platforms. The NFTs will have a high possibility to increase in value rapidly, making them buys or assets to keep for anyone. They’ll play a vital role in improving players’ chances of winning their games while equally being an item of value that can be traded for real money in the Galaxy Fox NFTs marketplace. 

Players can get other game-enhancing digital items in the marketplace, leveraging the $GFOX token to complete transactions….

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