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ORDI’s remarkable comeback in the top 100 cryptocurrencies as NuggetRush’s presale soars

ORDI's remarkable comeback in the top 100 cryptocurrencies as NuggetRush's presale soars

  • Bitcoin Ordinals have recorded remarkable growth since the end of October.
  • ORDI’s token has also jumped by 119% since early November.
  • NuggetRush’s presale has soared by 30% since its presale’s launch.

Binance listed ORDI in November. Its market capitalization has now soared over $1 billion. Analysts expect this growth to continue due to current market bullishness.

NuggetRush (NUGX) has also caught the attention of investors after its mining game sold over 86 million presale tokens. The project holds the potential to become a top gaming project. Yet, can it outperform other new ICOs? Let’s see what experts think.

Ordi climbs into top 100 cryptocurrencies after Binance listing

The crypto market has been stunned by ORDI’s sharp market jump since the end of October. Several cryptocurrencies rallied as investors increased their digital asset holding following calls for spot crypto ETFs. Ordi and several cryptocurrencies recorded a sharp jump in investor sentiment since the end of October.

ORDI was trading at $4.99 on October 31. Nearly three weeks later, ORDI had soared by 380.7% to $23.99. On December 6, ORDI jumped by 123.8% to $53.69. It grew further by 20.1% to its December 14 close price of $64.53.

Ordi’s increase follows the rising popularity of Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs in 2023. Millions of creators have minted NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain following Ordinal’s release. Furthermore, analysts expect Ordi to increase further following its listing on Binance. 

This would significantly boost ORDI’s trading activity, possibly pushing it up by 17.2% to $75.63. If Ordi keeps rising, it might be one of the best cryptocurrency investments to buy now.

NuggetRush: early buyers celebrate 30% Increase

NuggetRush (NUGX) is a new offering to the play-to-earn industry with a unique mining adventure built on Ethereum. Its gameplay features battles, tournaments, and other competitions where players become artisanal miners hungry to earn financial rewards from its gameplay. NuggetRush comprises vast territories filled with mineral resources and several NFT characters skilled in mining and business management.

The project features an ecosystem where the love of artisanal mining is rewarded. Players will earn in-game currency and other valuable collectibles for becoming active miners in Nuggetrush’s (NUGX) adventure game. Each player is…

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