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The Sandbox meets a formidable opponent in this new cryptocurrency attracting investor focus

The Sandbox meets a formidable opponent in this new cryptocurrency attracting investor focus

  • The Sandbox (SAND) has upgraded its NFT Royalty program.
  • SAND’s value could jump following the announcement.
  • NuggetRush (NUGX) is gearing up for a 58.3% increase as it nears round four of its presale.

The Sandbox is looking to boost NFT activity with a new royalty program. Experts now debate the effect of the upgrades on the Sandbox (SAND) price movement.

NuggetRush (NUGX) is quickly becoming a go-to project for investors after it raised 30% interest in its ongoing presale. The project is a mining adventure set to rival The Sandbox. Which project will emerge as one of the top crypto coins? Let’s discuss.

The Sandbox upgrades its NFT royalty program

The Sandbox (SAND) is making waves within the cryptocurrency space after redesigning its NFT Royalty Programme. The new development would see a larger part of secondary royalties distributed to original creators. News of The Sandbox’s new royalty program coincides with the sharp decline in NFT activity across the crypto market. 

It also coincides with the ongoing rally that has increased bullishness for SAND. As of October 30, SAND traded at $0.359. One month later, SAND had risen by 15.5% to $0.415 on December 1. SAND jumped by 27.9%, reaching $0.531 after The Sandbox unveiled its new royalty program.

Some analysts expect The Sandbox to remain in the green zone following its new upgrades. Furthermore, they expect the updated royalty program to spur increased trading activity for The Sandbox. This could help The Sandbox rival top DeFi projects like Decentraland, thus pushing SAND’s value up by 18.8% to $0.631.

NuggetRush challenges play-to-earn giants 

NuggetRush (NUGX) was created with one goal – to offer an innovative play-to-earn experience with vast rewards and exciting gameplay. The project features a hyperrealistic land terrain where players are tasked with turning a small mining gig into a booming business operation. NuggetRush (NUGX) allows players to become artisanal miners and experience the ups and downs of mining mineral resources.

The game features simple aspects of daily mining life, thus offering players a unique gameplay experience. At the start, players can create custom avatars alongside other NFT characters received in the game. These NFT characters are usually skilled miners or prolific business managers. Gamers will then leverage the skills of their NFT…

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