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Bitget Wallet partners with Linea, aims to collaboratively develop the Layer 2 ecosystem

Bitget Wallet partners with Linea, aims to collaboratively develop the Layer 2 ecosystem

Victoria, Seychelles, December 14th, 2023, Chainwire

Bitget Wallet (formerly BitKeep), a leading global Web3 trading wallet, has announced a collaboration with the Ethereum Layer 2 network, Linea, to jointly advance the development and growth of the Linea ecosystem. Bitget Wallet has integrated with the Linea mainnet, providing wallet connectivity and support for the Linea mainnet and ecosystem projects.

Wallet users can now easily connect to the Linea mainnet via their mobile app and browser extension, manage their assets on the Linea ecosystem, engage in multi-chain swaps for Linea mainnet tokens and view real-time candlestick data, and interact with projects on the Linea ecosystem.

“The partnership with Bitget Wallet is a great step for Linea, enhancing user interaction with our zkEVM Layer 2 solution. This collaboration simplifies asset management and ecosystem engagement for the network, aligning with our goal to make web3 more accessible and efficient. We’re excited about this collaboration and the positive impact it will have in the Linea ecosystem. – Declan Fox, Product Lead”

Developed by Consensys, Linea is a developer-friendly Ethereum Layer 2 network built on zero-knowledge proof technology that aims to provide efficient scaling solutions to enhance Ethereum’s performance and usability.

As part of this collaboration, Bitget Wallet has launched an extension of Linea’s DeFi Voyage Wave 9 through its own event on its Task2Get platform, signaling the commencement of the second phase of Bitget Wallet’s Task2Get initiative.

By exploring the Linea ecosystem within the wallet and completing tasks like token swaps and DApp interactions, users can earn Task2Get NFT rewards distributed by Bitget Wallet and share in a total prize pool of $10,000. The event runs from December 14th to December 28th. Task2Get NFT holders will qualify for additional airdrops from this campaign as well, including tokens from partnered projects and more.

Task2Get, a Web3 exploration incentive platform introduced by Bitget Wallet, rewards users for participating in various on-chain interaction tasks, offering an effective way for users to both learn and earn from various ecosystems, while also providing growth opportunities for these projects.

“As active participants in the Web3 ecosystem, we not only curate and showcase promising mainnets and…

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