Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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Games need bots? Illivium CEO admits ‘it’s tough,’ Web3 games 42X upside: Web3 Gamer

Crypto game Illuvium. Looks a little like Axie Infinity Mark II?

Is a game even a game without bots? Pixels CEO doesn’t think so

Some think that bots in games is a sign of the apocalypse, or perhaps just the makers trying to fill up an empty venue to make it look popular.

But Pixels founder and CEO Luke Barwikowski says that conversely, if people aren’t trying to fill your game with bots, then it’s probably because the game isn’t exactly the talk of the town.

“If people aren’t trying to bot your game — it’s not because they can’t — it’s because they don’t care enough to do it.”

According to Barwikowski, if you’re making a game that doesn’t have any bots and flaunting it, that’s not something to boast about.

“It’s not always the flex you think to say you don’t have any bots in an ecosystem,” he declares.

To be fair, bots do bring with them some perks – such as shorter wait times for gamers and a guaranteed opponent whenever you are up for a game.But the bots are starting to take over.

In November last year, anti-botting company Jigger analyzed more than 60 games and services and found 200,000 bots. 

About 40% of all GameFi users are bots, and for certain titles like MetaGear, AnRkey X, and ARIVA, it’s a massive 80%. And brace yourself — for Karma Verse Zombie, it’s a mind-blowing 96%.

Web3 Games: The easy pick for crypto firms to throw shade at

Web3 Games have been catching a lot of flak lately, with frequent criticisms including their sky-high failure rates and that many games aren’t much fun.

A recent CoinGecko highlights that three out of four blockchain games have flopped since 2018. This year, a whopping 70% of games launched have bitten the dust. Still, their figures are unusual, suggesting the failure rate in 2022 was a mind-bogglingly unlikely 107%.

Crypto game Illuvium. Looks a little like Axie Infinity Mark II?
Illuvium offers multiple games, including an auto battler. (Illuvium)

Kieran Warwick, co-founder and big boss of Illivium, isn’t second-guessing the numbers, though. He tells Magazine that creating a Web3 game ain’t a walk in the park like releasing a memecoin.

“It makes sense; it’s…

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