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November 2023 Work Progress Report: Crypto Node Updates

November Work Progress Report

November Work Progress Report

KASPA (KAS) Reward Reduction

A significant change occurred in the KASPA ecosystem as per the KASPA EMISSION SCHEDULE. The block reward for miners has been reduced from 164.81 KAS to 155.56 KAS. This adjustment reflects the ongoing evolution of the KASPA network and its economic model. Miners are encouraged to stay updated with these changes to plan their mining activities accordingly. For the latest in mining profitability, visit 2CryptoCalc.

Node Updates

Several critical updates have been made to cryptocurrency nodes in November, ensuring enhanced security and functionality:

Neoxa v5.1.1.4-ec8b257-dirty

This is a mandatory update required for Neoxa miners, enhancing overall network stability and performance.

Zen 4.1.1

Zen has introduced proof verifier logging and other significant improvements, such as an updated libzendoo version and enhanced mempool mechanisms. This update ensures more robust and efficient network operations.


Firo v0.14.13.0-g39c41e5e7

Firo’s latest update introduces Lelantus Spark, a new privacy protocol that enhances user privacy with features like Spark Addresses and Exchange Addresses. It’s a substantial step forward in maintaining user anonymity and data security.

CTXC v1.10.51-stable-3289ad0

CTXC has also received updates, though specific details have not been disclosed at this time.

Preparations for New CLORE Coin Mining Pool


2Miners is gearing up to launch a new mining pool for the CLORE coin, using the KAWPOW algorithm similar to Ravencoin (RVN). Clore.ai is a groundbreaking platform that connects users with high-performance GPUs for various tasks, including AI training, video rendering, and cryptocurrency mining. With its user-friendly marketplace, Clore.ai offers accessible and affordable high-power computing resources.

Stay connected with 2Miners for more updates and join our communities on Twitter, Telegram, and in local chats in Russian, Turkish, Spanish, and Chinese.

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