Thursday, 13 June 2024

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New SRBMiner-Multi 2.3.9 With Fixes and Improvements for Dynex (DNX)

New SRBMiner-Multi 2.3.9 With Fixes and Improvements for Dynex (DNX)


Another update from Doctor83 for his SRBMiner-Multi mining software to version 2.3.9, after the recent mandatory update 2.3.8 for Dynex miners a new bugfix release is available that fixes some issues with invalid shares that was present in the 2.3.8 update as well as brings performance improvement for some GPUs. Furthermore the new release also brings down the development fee to 2% for DNX mining and if you are dual-mining DNX with ZIL (Zilliqa has %0) you get some extra profit from that as well with no extra cast. There are apparently some other fixes and improvements, but the focus is mostly towards getting better Dynex mining experience and a bit of a performance boost, at least to some users…

A quick test of the new SRBMiner-Multi 2.3.9 release shows pretty good results, not only that the higher hashrate from the early 2.3.7 version is back on for Nvidia users (at least the 3000 series), but you get something a bit more as an extra than you should’ve gotten with the older release. The performance drop that came with 2.3.8 is now not available anymore, with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 you should be back at the same level as with 2.3.7 in terms of hashrate or even a slightly higher. But miners with RTX 3080 and RTX 3080 would be happier as these GPUs do get an extra boost as well (2-3% average) and that one should be higher than on the 3070s, so they are quite a bit faster than with 2.3.7. And let us not forget about the 0.5% reduction in DNX mining dev fee, so definitely worth upgrading to the new release as soon as possible in order to take advantage of all of the improvements.

To download the latest SRBMiner-Multi 2.3.9 With Support for DNX and ZIL Dual-Mining…

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