Thursday, 20 June 2024

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Why new meme cryptocurrency has won the hearts of investors?

Shiba Memu price prediction as presale rakes in over $215k

  • Shiba Memu’s presale has raised over $2.85 million in its presale on solid demand.

  • The price of the tokens in presale increases every day at 6 PM GMT

  • Shiba Memu could rise 50x, reinforced by its popularity and meme token trends

Buying meme cryptocurrencies might not be the right decision as crypto winter rages on. Leading meme names like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu continue to suffer in a bottomless drop. The bear market situation prompts investors to seek alternative tokens with the potential to explode. The entry of Shiba Memu (SHMU) into the scene has generated enthusiasm for meme investment. Since the presale started, investors have bought over $2.85 million of the tokens. To buy the token, investors can visit the project’s website

Why investors are interested in Shiba Memu

Investment in Shiba Memu is partly attributed to its potential sustainability. It is the world’s first meme project to apply artificial intelligence. The AI generates hype, which puts Shiba Memu in the limelight.

Unlike its meme peers, Shiba Memu will market itself on online forums, generating hype for itself. As you may be aware, meme cryptocurrencies’ prices are moved by online publicity. The self-marketing concept allows Shiba Memu to be a potential big price mover. This capability puts Shiba Memu ahead of rivals, which rely on humans to gain and maintain relevance.

Investors could also be looking at the price potential of Shiba Memu. Early birds in presale have already tasted the price potential with Shiba Memu’s tokenomics. At the onset of the presale, the token was valued at $0.011125 but now goes for $0.027325. The price increases every day at 6 PM GMT in the presale

Alongside the price increases at presale, the potential for Shiba Memu is enormous, given its market space. In the past, meme cryptocurrencies have exploded in value after listing. Shiba Memu looks at a similar potential, given the love meme tokens attract in the sector. As the bear crypto sector lingers on, investors could look at Shiba Memu as the fresh kid in the market. This could inspire a rally for the token.

Shiba Memu’s social features could also attract investors. The project features an AI dashboard where users can build meaningful conversations with the robot. They can ask the AI questions, share suggestions, and learn new things in creative advertising. 

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