Saturday, 25 May 2024

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ZK-proof Web3 infrastructure developer gets backing from Binance Labs

ZK-proof Web3 infrastructure developer gets backing from Binance Labs

Zero-knowledge proof technology continues to garner interest and investment as Binance Labs becomes the latest firm to invest in ZK-proof powered infrastructure being developed by Delphinus Lab.

Binance’s venture capital arm announced a strategic investment into Delphinus Lab’s zero-knowledge WebAssembly (zkWASM) virtual machine. The zkWASM is being labeled as the first known open-source virtual machine to support ZK computation and application software development kits.

Cointelegraph can exclusively reveal that Binance Labs is investing $2.2 million into Delphinus Lab, with the funds set to facilitate the ongoing development of its application rollup platform zkWASM Hub, which will provide automated proving and batching services for Web3 applications.

WebAssembly (WASM) remains an important cog across the wider internet as a virtual machine that allows code from popular programming languages to be run natively on web browsers. WASM was developed in a collaboration including Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple in 2017.

The infrastructure aims to facilitate the development ZK applications across different developer languages that can be deployed across WASM-supported environments. ZK-proof technology is widely touted to increase the security and privacy of decentralized applications.

The zkWASM Hub will also allow developers to distribute GitHub applications into its ecosystem through its auto compilation and updating service.

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Binance Labs also noted that Delphinus Lab has implemented several application-specific software development kits in different languages across multiple applications. This includes dynamic programmable NFTs, fully on-chain games, high-performing trustless Central Limited Order Book (CLOB) and trustless oracles.

A statement from Delphinus Lab founder and CEO Sinka Gao highlighted the firm’s hopes to see Web3 decentralized applications (DApps) created that combine Web2’s “robustness” with Web3s “decentralized, trustless” nature:

“Our zkWASM Hub introduces a streamlined multi-chain execution layer for developers to easily deploy and…

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