Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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What does the future hold for BNB Chain?

What does the future hold for BNB Chain?

Episode 25 of Cointelegraph’s Hashing It Out podcast explores the BNB Chain ecosystem with Arno Bauer, the blockchain’s senior solution architect.

Bauer explains the rationale behind creating the BNB Chain and how the project intends to contribute to the Web3 ecosystem. Bauer addresses the competition in the space and explains that BNB Chain was not designed to “kill Ethereum” but to provide value for a unique set of users.

“I wouldn’t call ourselves an Ethereum killer because I don’t think anyone wants to kill Ethereum.“

Recently, BNB Chain launched a new layer-2 testnet called opBNB, which is based on the Optimism OP Stack and is expected to make BNB Chain more scalable. When asked if this could lead to a fragmentation of the BNB Chain ecosystem, Bauer explains that users may be confused with making a choice, and the best way to simplify the user experience will be to get wallet providers and infrastructure builders to create a seamless integration that doesn’t require users to concern themselves with the technicalities.

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Bauer also addressed the potential for users to be overwhelmed by the multiple blockchain layer-1 and layer-2 options available to choose from. He explained that having multiple options is not an issue for the future, and there is a need for various networks to deliver on promises of ensuring more scalability to increase Web3 adoption.