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Is AltSignals (ASI) token safe?

grt down 90% is altsignals asi token safe

  • The Graph is now down over 90% versus its recent high.
  • Factors that could unlock further upside in AltSignals.
  • AltSignals native “ASI” token is currently in presale.

The Graph was first thought of as a project that would play a pivotal role in the rise of “Web3”. Still, its performance over the past two years seems to suggest otherwise.

The Graph has been a pain for its investors

Versus its all-time high in early 2021, “The Graph” has lost more than 90% on the back of several challenges. These include, first of all, the added competition that GRT has evidently failed to survive.

The Graph has been restricted in terms of the use cases it can potentially address as well. Consequently, experts are not entirely convinced that the GRT token would even manage to hold at the current 12 cents per token through this year.

But such may not be the case for AltSignals that’s in presale at writing and, therefore, does not have the risks that are usually coupled with late entry.

What you need to know about AltSignals

AltSignals is the financial technology company behind “AltAlgo” – a tool that informs a trader on when to buy or sell in any tradeable market, including cryptocurrencies.

What makes it all the more exciting is that AltSignals plans on adding a touch of artificial intelligence into its state-of-the-art trading algorithm to launch an enhanced, more accurate service for traders that it’s calling ActualizeAI.

In a way, it’s an opportunity to bet early on the recent AI mania, initially sparked by Microsoft when it announced a multi-billion-dollar investment in ChatGPT. Other notable names, including Snap Inc, Amazon, Baidu, Salesforce etc. then followed in its footsteps this year.

“Bard” – a chatbot that may be called Google’s panic response to ChatGPT failed to interest investors when it first launched in February. Earlier this month, though, it made a series of updates and notable announcements at its annual developer conference that confirmed it’s not giving up without a fight.

All in all, the aforementioned developments suggest AI is here to stay – and AltSignals seems prepared to capitalise on it.

Should you invest in the ASI token?

AltSignals is winning in terms of popularity considering it’s raised over $740K already and more than 50,000 traders are using its flagship trading signals from across…

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