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AI chatbot usage causes concern among 70% of Japanese adults

AI chatbot usage causes concern among 70% of Japanese adults

Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are not new. However, the rapid emergence of AI chatbots as integrations into emerging technology and society have been raising concerns among the public. 

A new Japanese survey released on April 30 revealed major concerns among the local population over the widespread use of AI chatbots. According to the report from Kyodo News, 69.4% of Japanese are calling for stricter regulation in the development of AI.

The poll was conducted as a part of a broader survey that touched on topics such as the current government approval rate and pandemic-related events. However, the AI component comes shortly after Japanese officials openly expressed their support for Open AI, the company behind ChatGPT.

On April 10, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said that they are currently contemplating AI integration into government systems. Though this would only be possible if privacy and cybersecurity issues were properly addressed.

Recently Japan has also been pushing for a more friendly environment for innovation in the crypto and greater Web3 space. The country’s Web3 project team released a new whitepaper on April 6, on ways to expand the local crypto scene.

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Governments around the world have been raising questions about AI regulation and its impacts on society. Italy was one of the first countries to temporarily ban the usage of ChatGPT. Although officials recently said the technology could reenter given that it obliges to transparency demands. 

In Germany regulators launched their own investigation into ChatGPT’s GDPR compliance, while across the entire European Union lawmakers are finalizing the Artificial Intelligence Act which will set a precedent for all member states.

Chinese authorities also announced that AI companies and the technology itself will soon be subject to mandatory security reviews following the rise in the development of the technology.

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