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A new step in asset tokenization

A new step in asset tokenization

As digitalization takes over the financial industry, tokenization is becoming an integral part of tomorrow’s capital market. While making use of blockchain technology, tokenization securitizes assets in a digital way and creates a flurry of opportunities for assets, markets and potential investors.

The continuously growing tokenization market is expected to reach $16 trillion by 2030 in the illiquid segment alone, according to the Boston Consulting Group. In addition, the World Economic Forum predicted that up to 10% of global GDP will be managed on-chain by 2025. A similar figure was provided by banking giant HSBC, which estimates that up to 10% of all assets will be tokenized by 2030.

Without wasting any time, some market players like Brickken have already taken the first steps to capitalize on the growing demand. Brikken is a tokenization platform that is part of the Spanish-based company Brick Token, S.L. and aims to provide an all-in-one tokenization solution for businesses, entrepreneurs and investors focused on managing their digital assets.

Recognizing the company’s promising business model and long-term prospects, Cointelegraph Accelerator, a startup booster that leverages Cointelegraph’s capabilities as a media and strategic partner, will support Brickken with a wide range of content, branding, marketing, education, networking and investor relations solutions. As part of the alliance, Brickken will join Cointelegraph’s Accelerator Program, which was launched earlier this year.

One place to rule them all

Brickken’s flagship product, the Token Suite, helps companies convert real-world assets into blockchain-based digital assets using Ethereum and enables them to raise efficiencies during IPOs. The feature also supports companies through the entire tokenization cycle, from creation to launch and management of digital assets, and offers tools for compliance, investor relations, corporate actions and optimization.

When it comes to investors, the Token Suite solution can be a comprehensive resource for opportunities through tokenized company shares. Investors gain access to an easy-to-use interface to manage assets and engage with invested companies. Over $200 million in assets are waiting to be tokenized via the Token Suite by year-end, creating opportunities for companies and investors alike. In just a few months, the Token Suite solution is used by more than 30 active customers who have raised more than $2 million.

Brick by brick

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