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How to Mine Kaspa with ASIC and GPU: Settings, Extra Rewards, Dual Mining


Introduction to Kaspa Cryptocurrency

Kaspa is a unique hybrid cryptocurrency that combines features of both Bitcoin and Ethereum-like blockchains. Its primary innovation lies in its approach to organizing blocks, which relies on a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure instead of a linear chain. In Kaspa, multiple blocks can be generated simultaneously, allowing for faster transaction processing and higher throughput compared to traditional blockchains.

One of the key differences between Kaspa and other cryptocurrencies is its block generation rate. Kaspa aims to produce a new block every second, resulting in a much higher frequency of blocks compared to most other cryptocurrencies. This rapid block generation is enabled by the GHOSTDAG protocol, which helps maintain the consistency and security of the network despite its non-linear structure. Use Kaspa Visualizer to visually understand how is it done.

Kaspa’s block rewards are also unique, as they are paid retroactively to the addresses of the blocks being pointed to, rather than directly to the miner’s address. Additionally, when a block points to a “red” (poorly connected) block, the block reward goes to the miner instead. This incentivizes miners to merge poorly connected blocks, improving the overall connectivity of the network.

Furthermore, Kaspa employs a custom-built mining algorithm called KHeavyhash, which is designed for GPU mining, allowing for dual mining of Kaspa and other cryptocurrencies relying on memory-intensive mining algorithms. However, the recent introduction of ASIC devices in the network could impact the mining landscape and centralization risks.

Why Choose 2Miners Mining Pool for Kaspa

When it comes to mining Kaspa, selecting the right mining pool can significantly impact your overall mining experience and profitability. 2Miners mining pool is a top choice for Kaspa miners due to its numerous advantages, professional service, and commitment to transparency. By choosing 2Miners, you gain access to dedicated powerful servers, low latency internet connection, reliable connections to other nodes, and a hassle-free mining environment.

2Miners set the special port for ASIC devices. It ensures the best performance of your machines and reduces internet traffic significantly.

Mining with a Pool is More Secure

Kaspa features a very rapid block generation rate. A new block is created every 1 second on average. That means 86 400 blocks are created daily. Nearly all the miners,…

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