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Biden pledges ‘no cost to the taxpayer’ to shield SVB, Signature depositors

Biden pledges 'no cost to the taxpayer' to shield SVB, Signature depositors

The overnight collapse of two major traditional banks — Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank — triggered a series of events that impacted millions of businesses, venture capitalists and bottom-line investors alike. However, US President Joe Biden assured that no American taxpayer would feel the burn as the federal government takes action to protect the affected depositors.

On March 11, major stablecoins, including USD Coin (USDC), USD Digital (USDD) and DAI (DAI), depegged from the US dollar after Circle announced that SVB failed to transfer $3.3 billion out of the total $40 billion withdrawal request.

Knowing that numerous other entities tied to the collapsing banks may suffer irreparable damage, President Biden announced, on March 12, his commitment to hold the responsible people accountable for the event.

While the federal government’s proactive approach to minimizing damage was appreciated, many pointed out that it’s the taxpayers that would ultimately suffer the depositors’ bailout. On March 13, Biden addressed concerns through a tweet:

Biden assured the American citizens that their traditional financial system was safe now following the federal intervention. He further stated that taxpayers will not be burdened for saving SVB-Signature Bank depositors:

“People’s deposits will be there when they need them – at no cost to the taxpayer.”

However, Biden’s followers on Twitter were not completely sold on this idea, as many pointed out that “everything you do or touch costs the taxpayer!”

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In parallel, the Federal Reserve is closely investigating the factors that led to the failure of SVB — including how it supervised and regulated the now-collapsed financial institution.

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