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Now You Can Mine KASPA (KAS) on f2pool With 500K KAS Contest for Miners

Now You Can Mine KASPA (KAS) on f2pool With 500K KAS Contest for Miners


The f2pool has just launched its Kaspa mining pool today with a 1% PPLNS payout scheme for KAS mining and the pool is running a contest to attract miners who will be competing for 500,000 KAS in total prizes. The Kaspa (KAS) mining contest will run starting on 2022-03-02 10:00 UTC until 2022-03-12 10:00 UTC, with the Top 20 miners by daily average KAS hashrate at f2pool going to receive rewards in proportion to their hashrate contribution from a total prize pool of 500,000 KAS coins. Apparently, the contest is favouring the bigger miners and not the small home miner, so a fairer distribution of the reward among miners could be used in order to attract all kinds of KAS miners… still it is nice to see that more of the crypto ecosystem is now slowly starting to adopt KAS support.

With the recent price increase for Kaspa (KAS) going past 1 US cent and keeping it there for a while there is increased interest in the project that is still generally kind of on the sidelines for many people into crypto. It is good now that GPU miners are making profit mining KAS and it is not only Kaspa, but some other new POW project are on the positive side regarding actually making profit after you pay for the electricity used. And Kaspa, although really good already in terms of speed has even more to offer with the upcoming upgrades, so if you still haven’t checked it out you might want to dig a bit deeper on blockDAG and the GHOSTDAG protocol and what KAS has in store for the near future as well.

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