Friday, 19 April 2024

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The Goldshell MINI DOGE II 420 MH/s Scrypt ASIC Miner is Now Available

The Goldshell MINI DOGE II 420 MH/s Scrypt ASIC Miner is Now Available


Goldshell has completed their new BOX II home-oriented mini miners line-up with the release of the MINI DOGE II miner that is now available on their website for orders. The new Goldshell MINI DOGE II ASIC miner, much like the other BOX II devices, comes with dual operating modes – 420 MH/s at 400 Watts or 355 MH/s at 260 Watts for the Scrypt algorithm. The device can merge-mine LTC and DOGE simultaneously or any other Scrypt-based crypto currency. The new Mini DOGE II miner comes in the updated slightly larger and heavier form factor compared to the older MINI DOGE PRO devices and with dual 6-pin PCI-E power connectors due to the increased power usage, just like the rest of the BOX II product line. There is a slight improvement in terms of efficiency for the higher hashrate mode where you get 0.95 Watts per Megahash (compared to 1.1 Watt per Megahash for the MINI DOGE PRO), but the more interesting efficiency wise number is in the low power mode where you get 0.78 Watts per Megahash in terms of power usage.

The new MINI DOGE II Scrypt ASIC miner is available for order at a price of $495 USD from the official Goldshell website, the price does not include shipping and taxes and it is for a WiFi equipped version (apparently wireless connectivity comes standard for this model). Expected date for the orders to start shipping is said to be before March 13, so in about two weeks. Do note that the official specs, just like with other BOX II devices are wrong in terms of the actual size cited by Goldshell, the devices are slightly larger and heavier compared to the previous PRO models!

Official Goldshell MINI DOGE II Specifications:
– Default Hashrate Mode: 420 MH/S ±5%
– Default Hashrate Power: 400 W ±5%
– Low-Power Mode: 335 MH/S ±5%
– Low-Power Mode: 260 W ±5%
– Operating Temp: 0~35 ℃
– Dimension: 178mm*150mm*84mm
– Noise: ≤35 dB
– Connection Port: Ethernet/Wi-Fi
– Net Weight: 2.3 kg

In terms of efficiency even in the low power mode the Goldshell MINI DOGE II is still very far from what the latest Bitmain Antminer L7 Scrypt ASIC miner is able to offer, but not everyone can afford an L3 or be able to run it due to its high-power requirements. Goldshell MINI DOGE II comes as a more affordable, even though not the most efficient solution, that you can easily run at home or in a small mining operation. It is pretty silent and easy to operate, placement around the home is easier if using WiFi connectivity and can be used…

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