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Top 7 blockchain courses and certifications for beginners

Top 7 blockchain courses and certifications for beginners

Blockchain courses and certifications can play an important role in helping individuals gain a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and its applications. By completing these courses, individuals can develop technical skills, stay current with industry developments, enhance their career opportunities and increase their earning potential.

Here are seven blockchain courses and certifications for beginners.

INE’s Blockchain Security

INE’s Blockchain Security course is an online course offered by Internetwork Expert (INE) that provides a comprehensive overview of the security aspects of blockchain technology. The course covers various topics such as consensus algorithms, cryptography, network security, smart contract security, and blockchain attacks and defenses.

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This course is available as a monthly or annual subscription. The course is suitable for security professionals, developers and anyone interested in learning about blockchain security and how to secure blockchain solutions. There are seven modules in the course, as follows:

  • Blockchain security fundamental
  • Blockchain security advanced concepts
  • Blockchain risk management
  • Blockchain audits
  • Vulnerabilities and vulnerability remediation
  • Blockchain platform security considerations
  • Course review

Throughout the course, students will be exposed to hands-on projects, case studies and real-world examples that help reinforce the concepts covered in each section. The course is modular, allowing students to learn at their own pace and revisit topics as needed.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP)™

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP)™ is a professional certification program offered by 101 Blockchains, an industry-leading provider of training and research in the area of enterprise blockchain. The course is organized week by week into the following topics and can be completed in four weeks:

  • Blockchain technology fundamentals
  • Enterprise blockchain platforms
  • Blockchain in trade finance
  • Blockchain applications and use cases

The CEBP™ certification is intended for professionals involved in the development, implementation and management of blockchain solutions in their organization. It demonstrates the individual’s expertise in the field of blockchain and can enhance their career opportunities and marketability. The overall cost of the certification course is $399.

To earn the CEBP™ certification, candidates…

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