Monday, 15 April 2024

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Former Polygon VP of growth shares the secrets behind major partnerships

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Ethereum scaling solution, Polygon, has witnessed a lot of adoption through partnerships with major brands like Starbucks and Addidas, which has increased the network’s popularity among cryptocurrency users. The former vice president of growth, Arjun Kalsy, breaks down how Polygon has attracted partnerships with major brands and how the project is driving mass crypto adoption. 

Arjun Kalsy, before leaving Polygon late last year, led a team tasked with onboarding companies to promote the adoption of the Polygon network. According to Kalsy, talking to brands looking to pivot from Web2 to Web3 or adding elements of the decentralized world to their platforms was always enjoyable. The onboarding process involved several technical meetings where the Polygon network and its capabilities were scrutinized by these major brands, who consider integrating other technologies “a big deal.”