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Google Searches For “Onchain” Exploding As Galaxy Fox Game Goes Viral

Google Searches For "Onchain" Exploding As Galaxy Fox Game Goes Viral

Google Trends data shows search for “onchain” at record highs

Galaxy Fox P2E game went viral less than a month after launching

$GFOX is a candidate for $1

Crypto is dynamic, and often, there are new terms to describe new innovations.

From when the organic search of “Bitcoin” or “Ethereum” was leading sentiment indicators that may help define fresh trends, in 2024, the focus is elsewhere but on a surprisingly “mundane” term.

Data shows that more people are eager to know what “onchain” means. While this is printing out, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), a meme coin blending memetic fun with a play-to-earn (P2E) game, is going viral.  

Google Trends: Search For “Onchain” Spikes

Recent Google Trends data shows that the global searches for the term “onchain” are at historical highs.

This is a major divergence because, based on past searches, it is typically under 25 on a scale of 100, reading from Google Trends.

However, this is rapidly shifting. Things are fast changing as crypto goes onchain with decentralized protocols like Uniswap and EigenLayer dominating discourse.

In the last week of May, there was a dramatic but welcomed shift where search interest rose sharply to a perfect 100. This print is the highest ever recorded on searches related to “onchain”.

Since Google Trends data is still an important tool for gauging interest and sentiment, it could suggest that there is a fast-rising curiosity among newbies and the general public surrounding blockchain. More importantly, people want to know more about its underlying infrastructure, mostly referred to as “onchain.”

Interestingly, more people from Singapore are curious, drawing the highest search volume in May. Other countries that topped the search list include Nigeria and Ethiopia from Africa, and Afghanistan, among many.

Analysts are pinning this spike in interest on several catalysts. Above all, the maturing industry plays a huge role in explaining why people are learning more about what is otherwise “jargon.”

Galaxy Fox In Focus: P2E Game Going Viral

Amidst this heightened interest, Galaxy Fox is emerging as one of the many primary drivers of onchain activity.

After a wildly successful presale, which helped the ambitious project raise over $6 million, $GFOX, the gaming platform’s utility ERC-20 token, was listed on Uniswap in April.

Hours after trading…

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