Monday, 17 June 2024

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Bitbot presale now in final stage, prepares for exchange listings Copy

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Key takeaways 

  • The Bitbot presale is now in its final stage, with nearly $4 million raised so far.
  • The team is already preparing to list the native token on crypto exchanges.

Bitbot presale approaches its end

The Bitbot presale is slowly coming to an end, with the last stage almost completely sold out. The presale has lasted for roughly four months and has raised nearly $4 million so far. According to the development team, they are already working to list the $BITBOT token on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

What is Bitbot?

With the Bitbot presale close to its end, let’s dive deeper into this project and what it presents. It is a unique project that wants to introduce AI to the crypto trading ecosystem.

Bitbot is a Telegram AI trading bot that allows traders to gain access to some exciting features that would help them with their cryptocurrency trading journey. With this tool, traders can trade cryptocurrencies via their cold wallets on Telegram.

Bitbot is leveraging Telegram thanks to its status as the leading messaging platform for cryptocurrency users. With over 900 million users globally, Bitbot wants to use Telegram to gain massive adoption.

It will give traders access to a wide range of tools that will help them execute trade faster, securely, and more transparently. 

Bitbot’s launch comes during a Bull Run, with the total crypto market cap now approaching the $3 trillion mark. The tool will provide services to retail and institutional traders in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitbot’s AI trading services to ease trading

According to the Bitbot team, its services will make it easier for users to access institutional-grade features. The trading tool will focus on offering tech-savvy features to ease the trading process for users.

A key aspect of Bitbot is the security of user assets and information. It will use the Knightsafe feature to offer a self-custody solution, eliminating the typical risks associated with Telegram trading.

Furthermore, Bitbot will incorporate anti-MEV and anti-rug solutions to help users protect their assets. Also, Bitbot will integrate an ultra-flexible wallet management powered by non-custodial API technology into its tool. 

Another excellent feature of Bitbot is Copy Trading. This feature will allow new traders to copy the trades of the strongest-performing wallets based on on-chain activities.


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