Saturday, 20 April 2024

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Bitcoin hits $63k as Memeinator’s stage 16 presale nears completion

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Key takeaways

Bitcoin approaches its all-time high price

Bitcoin, the world’s leading digital currency by market cap, has performed excellently since the start of the week. It is up by 22% during that period, outperforming other major cryptocurrencies. 

BTC hit the $63,700 mark on Wednesday, its highest level since December 2021. At press time, the price of Bitcoin stands at $62,969, up by 10% in the last 24 hours. It is now getting closer to its all-time high price of $69k.

What is Memeinator?

Memeinator is a meme Web3 project that is still in its presale stage. The project seeks to provide service to content creators who use memes. 

According to the whitepaper on the official Memeinator website, the development team laid out a series of strategies to help them turn Memeinator into one of the leading meme coins in the crypto space. What makes it an interesting project is the value proposition it offers to investors and content creators.

The project launching as a meme coin is because the team intends to leverage the recent growth in trading volume and popularity of meme coins. The team wants Memeinator to reach a market cap of $1 billion, which would make it one of the leading meme coins in the crypto space. 

What makes Memeinator interesting is that it offers real-world utility to users, unlike most of the meme coins available. The primary function of the Memeinator tool is to destroy worthless memes on the internet, allowing users to have access to only quality memes. This ensures that Memeinator provides utility to the users and incentives to the token holders. 

Memeinator presale raises over $5.2 million

The Memeinator presale is currently in its 16th stage and has already crossed an important milestone. The project has raised more than $5.2 million and is close to the $5.4 million target set for this current stage. 

The native token, MMTR, was sold for $0.01 in the first presale stage and is now going for $0.0233. The price will rise to $0.0485 by the end of the presale, giving early investors a massive 264% ROI at listing. 

It is easy to purchase the MMTR tokens as investors can do so using ETH, USDT and USDC stablecoins. According to the team, the MMTR token will only be available on the BNBChain and Ethereum networks once it starts trading on crypto exchanges. However, the team intends to launch the token on other…

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