Wednesday, 17 April 2024

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16 days to go: Bitcoin Dogs quickly raises $5M as BTC correlation fuels frenzy

16 days to go: Bitcoin Dogs quickly raises $5M as BTC correlation fuels frenzy

  • Bitcoin Dogs presale has surpassed $5 million in 2 weeks since it opened.
  • As the first BRC-20 token, $0DOG rides Bitcoin’s bullish trends.
  • Bitcoin Dogs presale concludes on March 15.

With 16 days to go before Bitcoin Dogs ($0DOG) closes its much-hyped presale, investors are growing excited. They quickly bought over $5 million of tokens in the presale, which opened on February 14. As this rapid sale shows, Bitcoin Dogs has set the stage for a bullish momentum. But its correlation with Bitcoin, being the first BRC-20 token, has been highlighted as the key price driver. Let’s discover more about this token, which is labelled a potential 100x investment.

Bitcoin Dogs: Expanding the Bitcoin ecosystem into NFTs and gaming

For a long time, Bitcoin has remained a standalone blockchain, rarely giving in to new trends. This is changing with Bitcoin Dogs, its first-ever ICO and BRC-20 token, quickly gaining traction. Bitcoin Dogs taps into the revolutionary power of Bitcoin, which has become an early attraction for investors.

One of Bitcoin Dogs key attractions is the NFT collection, which aligns with trends in collectibles. This will be 10,000 unique and collectible tokens, creating Dog Owners within the Bitcoin Dog ecosystem. Owners can curate the NFTs and display and trade them on a decentralised market. This is an opportunity for Dog owners to get involved in the exciting NFT market and earn. As NFTs gather pace in the 2024 bullish market, Bitcoin Dogs owners benefit from demand for their collectibles.

It’s also never a dull day for Bitcoin Dog owners. $0DOG holders can escape the hassle of everyday life by engaging in exciting gameplay. There is also the Bitcoin Dogs Club Metaverse, which gives fun and exciting experiences. Users can participate in dog training sessions, social interactions, and contests within this immersive ecosystem. 

Will Bitcoin Dogs become bullish in 2024?

Bitcoin Dogs’ perfect timing with the bullish market of 2024 has been cited as the key price driver. As previously noted, this cryptocurrency is minted from the legacy Bitcoin blockchain. Therefore, the presale is riding Bitcoin price trends as the cryptocurrency rose past $58,000. 

Besides, the high speculation on BTC after spot ETF approvals and the upcoming halving boosts Bitcoin Dogs. According to the latest data, the uptake of Bitcoin ETFs is rapidly…

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