Wednesday, 28 February 2024

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Binance backs Zilliqa and Sei upgrades amid a new play-to-earn memecoin presale

Binance backs Zilliqa and Sei upgrades amid a new play-to-earn memecoin presale

  • Binance supports Zilliqa and Sei upgrades.
  • Binance will ensure smooth transitions for users during ZIL and SEI network upgrades.
  • Meme Moguls unveils play-to-earn fantasy meme trading game.

In a surge of crypto developments, Binance has announced its support for the upcoming upgrades of Zilliqa (ZIL) and Sei (SEI) networks. The exchange will ensure a seamless transition for users during the network enhancements.

Meanwhile, the crypto community is abuzz with the unveiling of Meme Moguls, a platform set to revolutionize meme trading, featuring a unique play-to-earn game that immerses users into the fantasy meme market.

Zilliqa Network upgrade

Zilliqa (ZIL), a prominent player in the crypto space, is gearing up for a significant network upgrade scheduled for January 3, 2024, at 12:00 PM Turkey time.

To facilitate this transformation, Binance announces a temporary suspension of ZIL token deposits and withdrawals from approximately 11:00 AM (Turkey Standard Time) on the same day. However, users can continue trading ZIL tokens seamlessly during this period on the Binance platform.

The ZIL network upgrade promises improvements in scalability and efficiency, aligning with Zilliqa’s commitment to providing users with a high-performance blockchain. Binance reassures its users that the trading of ZIL tokens on the platform will not be affected, ensuring a smooth user experience during and after the upgrade.

Sei Network upgrade

Simultaneously, the Sei (SEI) network is set for a substantial upgrade at block 49,519,931 or on January 3, 2024, at 8:00 PM Turkey time.

In preparation for this upgrade, Binance will temporarily suspend the deposit and withdrawal of SEI tokens starting at approximately 7:00 PM (Turkey Standard Time) on the upgrade day. However, users can continue trading SEI tokens on the Binance platform without interruptions.

The SEI network upgrade aims to enhance its capabilities, possibly introducing new features and optimizations. Binance emphasizes its commitment to managing all technical aspects diligently, ensuring users can navigate the evolving crypto landscape with confidence.

Meme Moguls’ meme coins play-to-earn game

As Zilliqa and Sei start 2024 with network upgrades, Meme Moguls takes centre stage with its unique play-to-earn game set to immerse players into the fantasy meme market trading world. The game offers…

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