Saturday, 2 December 2023

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Injective & InQubeta prepare to jump

MicroStrategy’s latest BTC purchase sets Bitcoin price in motion

Bitcoin (BTC), InQubeta (QUBE), and Injective (INJ) are among the top crypto coins to invest in now. BTC, the king of cryptocurrencies, is officially back as its prices surge past the $37,000 mark for the first time in almost two years. Prices have expanded 31% in the past month and there’s a solid chance they will reach $50,000 before the end of 2023. 

Top DeFi projects InQubeta and Injective have enjoyed 130% and 113% price surges respectively. 

InQubeta uses decentralized finance to open up access to artificial intelligence (AI) investments, while Injective provides a wide range of decentralized finance tools from spot exchanges to lending protocols. 

InQubeta (QUBE) surges past $4.6 million 

The InQubeta project has been a massive hit with cryptocurrency investors since the start of its presale raising over $4.6 million in token sales. The ambitious new DeFi project provides an alternative investment medium for those who don’t meet the requirements of traditional investment avenues or don’t have access to them. 

The project aims to help push AI by helping companies that focus on the technology to secure capital, while simultaneously providing easier-to-access investment opportunities. The timing of the project’s launch couldn’t be any better as investor interest in AI is at an all-time high. The capital devoted to AI has grown 12x since 2015, and about $120 billion is invested in AI as of now. That’s an insignificant sum when compared to the $1.5 trillion expected to come into the AI space by 2030.

Artificial intelligence’s role in our lives will increase exponentially in the next several years as concepts that were once restricted to sci-fi content become a reality. Amazon now uses humanoid robots to perform repetitive tasks in one of its warehouses and Coca-Cola just created a new flavour using AI that had been fed large volumes of consumer data. 

AI is on course to create rewarding investment opportunities and those who back the technology position themselves to earn substantial profits. InQubeta now opens access to these opportunities to all who wish to participate. 

A new way to invest in AI

InQubeta showcases the major role decentralized finance will play in the future as it comes up with a secure, transparent, and efficient way for investors to back AI firms. Startups fundraise by making non-fungible…

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