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Bitget Academy and UCL join forces to train future blockchain leaders

Bitget Academy and UCL join forces to train future blockchain leaders

Victoria, Seychelles, November 8th, 2023, Chainwire

Bitget, a leading cryptocurrency exchange and web3 company, has formed an educational partnership with the University College London’s (“UCL”) Blockchain Society and FinTech Society. The partnership will give students an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology and trading through Bitget Academy’s comprehensive resources.

Built upon Bitget’s Blockchain4Youth initiative, this collaboration will offer a curriculum beyond traditional theoretical instruction. It will deliver a combination of expert lectures, interactive sessions, and practical knowledge on blockchain and trading. Students will receive certification upon completing the course, which will help them in future blockchain industry endeavors.

Under Blockchain4Youth, Bitget has adopted a 360-degree approach as it plans to invest $10 million through the initiative over the next 5 years.

UCL Blockchain Society: Connecting aspiring developers and strategists

Founded in 2016, the UCL Blockchain Society is one of Europe’s largest societies. It offers aspiring blockchain developers and strategists a platform to connect and collaborate with their industry peers.

On the other hand, UCL FinTech Society establishes in 2016, has rapidly grown into Europe’s largest FinTech society. Both societies offer students a platform to engage with emerging trends and career opportunities through workshops, conferences, speakers, and networking events. UCL FinTech Society’s mission is to nurture innovative, forward-thinking professionals who can bridge industry gaps with cutting-edge technologies.

Situated in the Finance Center of Europe – London, UCL is one of the World’s Top 10 University on QS World University Rankings and the school is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and applications. Partnering with Bitget Academy will enhance its educational initiatives and ensure students are well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities of blockchain and FinTech.

The collaboration between Bitget and UCL will close the gap between academic learning and real-world application, making blockchain and trading concepts accessible and practical. Students are given theoretical tools and are taught how to apply them in a dynamic marketplace: a valuable skill in the fast-paced digital economy.

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