Thursday, 30 November 2023

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Coinbase’s Base becomes open source, Optimism vs. NuggetRush in 2023

Coinbase’s Base becomes open source, Optimism vs. NuggetRush in 2023


  • Coinbase’s Base Layer 2 network has gone open-source to promote transparency and community contributions. This move simplifies development tasks and fosters collaboration.

  • Optimism (OP), an Ethereum Layer 2 network, is set for a significant token release on October 30, 2023, matching the value of a prior release.

  • NuggetRush (NUGX) is a community-driven blockchain game offering P2E and NFT opportunities. It focuses on building a strong community and real-world value in underserved regions.

Coinbase’s Base Layer 2 network recently open-sourced its code repositories to enhance transparency and encourage contributions from the public. Meanwhile, Optimism (OP) is preparing for a substantial token release, generating excitement in the crypto market. 

Yet NuggetRush (NUGX) has emerged as a community-driven blockchain game, combining play-to-earn opportunities and NFT innovation. Let’s learn how these developments impact the dynamic and multifaceted cryptocurrency space.

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Coinbase’s Base goes open source, boosting transparency and development

The Base Layer 2 network, incubated by Coinbase, recently made its code repositories open-source. This move aims to increase transparency and encourage public contributions to the project. Developers can now access Base’s core code, simplifying tasks from contract management to deployments.

Base’s decision to open its code aims to engage a broader developer community and harness collective expertise to boost its infrastructure. It also provides a platform for feedback, potentially revealing areas for improvement and undiscovered bugs.

An essential context is Base’s partnership with Optimism on the Ethereum-based OP Stack. Anika Raghuvanshi, a Senior Software Engineer at Base, highlights the company’s ongoing support for open-source initiatives, aligning with their vision of a decentralized and inclusive technology platform.

Open sourcing, particularly in the crypto sector, serves multiple purposes. When Base publicly shares its smart contract repositories on platforms like GitHub, it provides transparency into its on-chain activities. This transparency can accelerate community-led audits, leading to quicker vulnerability fixes.

On that note, Base has introduced a developer incentive by announcing a bounty program through Coinbase HackerOne, with…

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