Friday, 8 December 2023

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Bitcoin SV begins to retreat; are Solana, InQubeta, and Aptos more stable investments?

Bitcoin SV begins to retreat; are Solana, InQubeta, and Aptos more stable investments?

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility and ever-changing landscape. As investors seek more stable options, the recent retreat of Bitcoin SV ($BSV) raises questions about which crypto to buy today for the long term. 

Let’s explore the current state of Bitcoin SV and examine whether Solana ($SOL), InQubeta ($QUBE), and Aptos ($APT) present more stable investment prospects. 

Bitcoin SV Starts to Retreat

Top crypto for beginners like Bitcoin SV ($BSV) often has big price ups and downs. On October 22, Bitcoin SV’s price dropped by 6.10% against the US Dollar and 6.67% against Bitcoin. These figures are worse than the performance of the cryptocurrency market as a whole, which only dipped by 1.91%. 

It’s important to look at these movements over a longer period. Bitcoin SV increased by an impressive 72.10% last August – showing it has potential in the medium term – and by 45.77% over the past three months. However, its altcoin price registered a 16.20% decrease over the past year, leading to a market sentiment that’s neither positive nor negative. This is supported by a Fear & Greed index reading of 53 for Bitcoin SV.

Solana’s high-performance and low-cost solutions

Solana ($SOL) has earned a reputation as an “Ethereum killer” and is often compared to the said coin, which is the second-largest by market cap. It stands out because of its innovative proof-of-history consensus mechanism, which utilizes timestamps to define the next block on the Solana blockchain.

This approach differs from the energy-intensive proof-of-work systems, such as Bitcoin’s, which rely on miners to determine block generation. The Solana network’s energy efficiency is particularly noteworthy, especially in contrast to older proof-of-work systems, which have been criticized for their environmental impact.

Aptos: a new cryptocurrency project

Aptos ($APT) is a relatively new entrant to the beginner cryptocurrency scene, making its debut in late 2022. This layer 1 blockchain solution employs the Rust-based Move programming language and features a highly modular design, allowing for seamless updates. Developed by a global team of over 350 developers, Aptos boasts a capped supply of one billion top DeFi coins.

Its BFT PoS consensus mechanism and parallel transaction processing capacity of 130,000 transactions per second underline its…

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