Tuesday, 5 December 2023

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Bitcoin Cash, BorroeFinance, and Uniswap

Bitcoin Cash, BorroeFinance, and Uniswap

Bitcoin Cash has surprised everyone with $BCH’s strong rally in a bearish September.

Elsewhere, the Uniswap community is expecting big things as they prepare to vote on a new $62 million request. Another project that leaves no doubt in investors’ minds is BorroeFinance ($ROE)

BorroeFinance presale has already sold over 100 million tokens. So, the question is, can $ROE become a top ICO project in 2023? More so, what can you expect on $BCH and $UNI this year? Well, let’s see what the experts say.

Uniswap to upgrade with $62 million funding request

On September 27, 2023, a proposal was introduced to release $62 million to the Uniswap Foundation. The proposal will be voted on by Uniswap’s ($UNI) community on October 4. If approved, the funds will be used for research and development operations on Uniswap ($UNI).

Plans to upgrade Uniswap are expected to pull $UNI out of its current market stagnation. $UNI was trading at $4.26 after the market slump on September 1. Yet, $UNI had fallen slightly by 0.4% to $4.24 on September 27, after its new funding proposal.

Some developers claim the funding will be used to develop the upcoming Uniswap V4. They also claim that Uniswap Foundation has already received $17.3 million for its V4 upgrade. If Uniswap’s ($UNI) developments go as planned, $UNI could rise above $4.8. Currently trading at 3.86. UNI touched 4.2 briefly on 16th October.

Bitcoin Cash growing despite widespread bearishness

On September 1, 2023, the crypto market entered a bear run that has affected most projects. Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) and other top altcoins lost positive investor sentiment as the market tanked. The market decline that affected Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) was caused by delays in spot Bitcoin ETF applications although many believe the approval is imminent.

Yet, Bitcoin Cash’s $BCH token has risen impressively. After the market slump on September 1, $BCH was trading at $199.63. Moreover, $BCH has risen by 13.6% to $225.87 as of October 17. $BCH’s rise could be due to the rising demand for Bitcoin Cash’s services. 

On June 27, Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) was listed on EDX Markets, owned by Citadel Investments and other institutional asset managers. Analysts say Bitcoin Cash’s popularity could push $BCH up to $241.53. As a result, Bitcoin Cash’s expected positive market performance could make it a good crypto to buy…

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