Tuesday, 5 December 2023

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The new Cointelegraph Research Terminal, home to critical crypto data reports

The new Cointelegraph Research Terminal, home to critical crypto data reports

In a rapidly changing blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape, staying informed is crucial. Cointelegraph has launched its new Research Terminal — an all-in-one destination for comprehensive crypto insights, detailed reports and extensive data. 

The revamped terminal offers an improved user experience with a user-friendly interface, making it effortless to explore our wealth of content, whether on a desktop or mobile device.

Check out the new Cointelegraph Research Terminal here

The updated Cointelegraph Research Terminal covers the crypto ecosystem like never before.

Cointelegraph Research is still committed to free public reports

An important part of the mission at Cointelegraph and Cointelegraph Research is to provide the most up-to-date information on the ever-changing blockchain industry and cryptocurrency landscape. This remains the driving force behind the terminal, and Cointelegraph Research will always have free public reports supported by partners interested in spreading the blockchain revolution.

For those seeking more in-depth or topical reports, there are two professional tiers: Pro and Premium. Pro lets users access Pro Weekly Articles and Monthly Investor Insights reports. The Premium plan includes everything in Pro, unlimited database access and extra features, such as a personalized one-on-one monthly call with one of our in-house analysts. Custom enterprise solutions are also available upon agreement.

Cointelegraph’s new Research Terminal introduces three new subscription tiers.

Features of the terminal include:


One of the primary changes is introducing an articles section that delves into multiple aspects of the crypto industry. These articles analyze the multifaceted blockchain sector, existing issues within the industry and its key players.

The new “Articles” section on Cointelegraph’s Research Terminal.

Cointelegraph covers all the breaking news in the blockchain industry each day. Now, Cointelegraph Research Terminal articles offer a more in-depth view with reference data and informative charts. The section includes free articles, as well as Pro subscription-level publications and education on major topics of interest, providing a detailed analysis of all things blockchain research.


For those seeking detailed, high-level analysis and research, the reports section has a lot to offer. Dive into extensive reports covering all aspects of the digital asset industry, ranging from venture capital flows and blockchain…

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