Thursday, 28 September 2023

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New Crypto Project ETH20 Launches Presale with Stake-to-Earn Rewards, Plans to Repeat Ethereum Bull Run



We stand on the precipice of a monumental leap in cryptocurrency innovation as we announce the impending presale of the ETH20 token. No mere newcomer, ETH20 is a heartening homage to Ethereum’s roots and a testament to its remarkable trajectory to date! 

ETH20, an ERC-20 token, offers you an unparalleled opportunity to revisit Ethereum’s initial stages when it was a steal at merely $0.1! Revel in the nostalgia of crypto’s yesteryears and immerse yourself in the exhilarating new digital gold rush. This is the unique offering of ETH20. 

Put Your ETH20 to Work through Staking

Upon conclusion of the presale, a substantial sum of 78 million tokens will be securely ensconced in a bulletproof staking contract. This forms the bedrock of our ETH20 token economy, empowering users to actively engage their tokens in staking and revel in the ensuing rewards.

ETH20 token holders, during the presale and beyond, can assign their tokens to stake and earn their portion of the staking rewards. The principle is straightforward – the more ETH20 you stake, the greater your dividends.

Utilizing the power of staking offers users the opportunity to profit from not only the inherent worth of ETH20 but also the dividends distributed by the staking contract.

ETH20 - 1
ETH20 – 1

Extraordinary NFT Perks for Early ETH20 Buyers! Harness the Power of Collecting to Earn!

But the excitement doesn’t end there – ETH20 is your key to an entirely new realm of collectables – NFTs! We introduce the ETH20 Avatar NFT Collection, a dazzling array of 10,000 unique NFTs encapsulating the essence of Ethereum and the artistic charm of pixel art. These digital gems glow with the iconic ETH20 emblem.

Our presale is more than just a sale — it’s a testament to our commitment to our early supporters. We’re offering an extraordinary NFT opportunity. By investing a minimum of $200 in ETH20 tokens, you unlock the opportunity to mint a top-tier PFP NFT or multiple NFTs from our exclusive ETH20 Avatar NFT Collection absolutely free of cost! 

We’ve deployed our ETH20 NFT smart contract employing the cutting-edge ERC-721A standard. Its core function is to enable the minting of several NFTs in a single transaction, saving on gas. So, if you’re minting multiple ETH20 Avatar NFTs at once, you’ll significantly cut down on gas fees over time.

That’s right! But the thrill…

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