Saturday, 30 September 2023

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Betting opportunities on Chancer for PlayStation gamers as September free games leaks

Betting opportunities on Chancer for PlayStation gamers as September free games leaks

  • Changer allows to create wagers on anything, including bets between friends playing PlayStation games.
  • There has been no response from PlayStation regarding the leak
  • It’s more probable that an official announcement regarding September’s free offerings for PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium subscribers will be made this week.

Chancer, a groundbreaking project at the intersection of blockchain and online betting, has stirred significant excitement within the Crypto Reddit community and the betting industry. This innovative platform, combining peer-to-peer online prediction features with robust tokenomics, has generated considerable attention and raised more than $1.7 million in its ongoing CHANCER token presale.

Chancer aims to redefine online betting for the Web3 era, challenging the opacity and profit-centric approach of traditional bookmakers.

Traditional bookmakers have long prioritized profit over user experience, despite the booming gambling industry, valued at over $63 billion in 2022 and projected to reach $150 billion by 2030. Chancer intends to disrupt this status quo and secure a significant share of the market. Adam and Paul Kelbie, dissatisfied with the profit-driven practices of faceless betting corporations, transformed a casual conversation into Chancer, the world’s first decentralized online betting platform. They actively engage with the Chancer community, encouraging user feedback and participation in various challenges, fostering a unique and community-driven atmosphere.

Chancer platform stands out from traditional online betting platforms by allowing users to create customized markets for any event, from personal milestones to major global sports events like the MLB postseason. With Chancer, even PlayStation Plus subscribers can create wagers on who will beat who in the just leaked PlayStation Plus free games. All the PlayStation Plus subscribers should do is grab some CHANCER tokens from the presale here.

Free PlayStation Plus games leak

The latest batch of free PlayStation Plus games appears to have surfaced prematurely. September’s PS Plus Essential free game lineup has already been unveiled and made available, but it seems to be a somewhat underwhelming month for subscribers to the standard tier of the service. However, there might be some compensation for this disappointment, as a potential leak suggests…

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