Saturday, 30 September 2023

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Shiba Memu raises $2.58 million

Shiba Memu price prediction as presale rakes in over $215k

  • JPMorgan is said to be launching a blockchain-powered token to revolutionise its global payments.

  • Shiba Memu takes on meme tokens with an AI application amid the hunt for new crypto use cases.

  • Shiba Memu could increase by up to 50x, given the historic price moves of meme cryptocurrencies.

The hunt for new solutions in a blockchain-based economy is on. JPMorgan is the latest to consider a blockchain-based deposit token for global payments. Meanwhile, Shiba Memu is bringing a new marketing perspective through blockchain. Investors have bought over $2.58 million worth of Shiba Memu in a fast-occurring presale

JPMorgan to launch a payments token

Big banks are never shy of opportunities when they knock. In its latest indication of blockchain and cryptocurrency forays, JPMorgan seeks a payment token. The latest reports indicate that the banking giant has laid the infrastructure for the new payment token. 

The bank expects to accelerate international settlements and payments with the blockchain solution. This is not the first time JPMorgan has let its blockchain and cryptocurrency pursuits known.

In June, the company said it had processed about $300 billion via JPM Coin launched in 2019. With the new token, JPMorgan expects to process instant transactions, leveraging blockchain technology. The token is also expected to reduce transaction costs by eliminating clearinghouses and counterpart banks.

JPMorgan’s continued push in crypto underlines a sector with immense and unexploited opportunities. Big banks are entering the space, which is expected to dominate future payments. Shiba Memu comes into the scene with an innovative use case that fills another unexploited opportunity.

Shiba Memu AI marketing angle

Shiba Memu enters the meme token space with its own vibe – an AI application. To put it better, Shiba Memu will leverage artificial intelligence to self-market and fight off rivals. 

AI is taking a more critical role now than ever, making Shiba Memu unique. AI lets Shiba Memu research and find the most creative ideas in marketing. Interestingly, AI can work all the time and source information far and beyond. With this capability, the team expects Shiba Memu to achieve more than 100 marketing agencies combined. 

Shiba Memu won’t keep all the marketing information to itself. Its community can interact with the AI. Users can…

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