Wednesday, 31 May 2023

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US Justice Department on the hunt for DeFi hackers and thieves: Finance Redefined

US Justice Department on the hunt for DeFi hackers and thieves: Finance Redefined

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The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) is on the lookout for DeFi hackers and exploiters who have stolen millions of dollars worth of assets. The DOJ’s top crypto cop said it was a significant issue in the wake of North Korean state-sponsored hackers.

The decentralized autonomous organization Bancor DAO was hit with a class-action lawsuit over its impermanent loss protection promises.

As Ethereum un-staking opened on the Beacon Chain, bankrupt crypto lender Celsius moved $781 million worth of staked Ether (stETH) from staking service provider Lido as Ether (ETH) withdrawals opened.

Coinbase Cloud has tapped into the Chainlink Oracle network to improve its smart contract reliability. Chainlink’s oracle network will welcome Coinbase Cloud as a node operator to improve high-quality data provision to several blockchain protocols.

The DeFi market had another bearish week, with the total value locked in DeFi protocols falling below $50 billion after five consecutive weeks of bullish price action.

US Justice Department on the hunt for DeFi hackers and thieves: Report

The DOJ’s crypto tsar is cracking down on DeFi hackers and exploiters amid a four-year rise in illicit crypto activity.

In a Financial Times report published on May 15, Eun Young Choi, director of the Justice Department’s National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team, stated that the department is focusing on thefts and hacks involving DeFi, and “particularly chain bridges.” Choi said it was a “pretty significant issue” for the DOJ, given North Korean “state-sponsored hackers” have emerged as “key actors in this space.”

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Celsius moves $781 million in stETH just as Lido withdrawals open

It appears that embattled crypto lender Celsius is wasting no time shifting its Ether staking tokens from liquid staking platform Lido, which has just enabled withdrawals.

On May 15, a transaction was identified on Celsius wallets for 428,015 stETH to the Lido staked Ether wallet. At the time of transfer, the whopping stash was worth $781 million, which some believe is in preparation for withdrawal. On-chain data points to Celsius performing a test withdrawal of 0.1 stETH a few hours later.

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Bancor DAO hit with class-action suit over impermanent loss protection promises

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