Wednesday, 31 May 2023

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DEA brings real-world social contributions to the P2E ecosystem

DEA brings real-world social contributions to the P2E ecosystem

Key takeaways

  • DEA operates majorly in Southeast Asia and has players from more than 100 players worldwide. 

  • DEA seeks to grow its ecosystem via partnerships with third-party games, NFT art collections and metaverse projects.

  • Artists on DEA make money via royalties

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), the operator of the PlayMining GameFi platform, is co-developing a groundbreaking new social good use case for GameFi: a game that incentivises real-world social contribution to the maintenance of shared community infrastructure. 

As a P2E platform, players get to play fun video games and are rewarded with P2E tokens when they inspect physical infrastructure in communities where understaffed government utility organizations can’t patrol on their own.

We sat down with the DEA team to discuss their project, the impact on the web3 ecosystem, and how they intend to expand to other countries. 

Question: DEA operates majorly in Southeast Asia. Are you present in all Southeast Asian countries, and do you have plans to expand to other parts of the continent?


The majority of our users are from Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan, but we also have players from more than 100 countries worldwide, including most of SEA. We aim to build games with worldwide international appeal and hope to attract players from all regions and walks of life.

One of our company’s primary goals is to use our games to help people. We’ve started with Southeast Asia because GameFi has grown very popular there as a means of earning supplemental income. We would love to see GameFi also be embraced in other regions with impoverished communities, and grow our community in any place where people can derive real-world value from playing our games.

Q: According to your website, DEA is a PlayMining GameFi platform. Do you combine GameFi and crypto mining, or does PlayMining stand for something else?


The “mining” in the platform’s “PlayMining” name only refers to the ability of players to earn $DEP tokens by playing games. It is not “mining” in the strictest sense of the word, but it can feel like it to players, who receive real cryptocurrency rewards by completing quests in games.

While DEA operates its own blockchain and token, it does not engage in the mining of external cryptocurrencies. DEAPcoin launched in 2018,…

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