Saturday, 3 June 2023

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AltSignals (ASI) token could thrive as the US banking crisis escalates

AltSignals (ASI) token could thrive as the US banking crisis escalates

  • The Federal Reserve will conclude its two-day meeting on Wednesday.

  • It comes as the US economy faces significant risks, including the collapse of regional banks.

  • These events could be good catalysts for AltSignals (ASI).

The American economy is facing significant headwinds, which are helping Cryptocurrency prices are holding quite well as investors continue worrying about the American economy. As a result, Bitcoin has emerged as a safe haven as it sits close to its year-to-date high. Other coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Jasmy have done well. Similarly, investors are investing in token sales like AltSignals (ASI) in their hunt for the next big thing.

Risks to the American economy

The American economy is facing significant risks as it adjusts to the new normal of high-interest rates. Most of these challenges are all interrelated. The biggest risk to the economy is the banking sector, which has come under intense strain recently. On Monday, the FDIC seized First Republic Bank and then sold it to JP Morgan, the biggest bank in the country.

There are concerns that more banks could collapse in the coming months. On Tuesday, PacWest stock price plunged by more than 30%, meaning that it has fallen by over 70% in the past two months. Western Alliance and M&T Bank have all retreated. This is a sign that investors expect the banks to collapse soon.

The other risk is on the commercial real estate industry that is on the verge of collapse. The industry is dealing with high-interest rates, low occupancy rates, and upcoming debt maturities. Some of the worst-affected cities are San Francisco and New York. A collapse of these companies could also have an impact on the banking sector.

Meanwhile, there is also risk to a credit default in the US as Democrats and Republicans differ on raising the debt ceiling. In a warning this week, Janet Yellen said that the US government could run out of money on June 1. The US is also facing significant inflation risks.

Cryptocurrencies as a safe haven

Therefore, these challenges are good for cryptocurrencies for two main reasons. First, investors believe that Bitcoin is a safe haven, which is equivalent to a digital gold. This explains why Bitcoin has outperformed the Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 indices this year. eGold has also done well as it sits closer to its all-time high. 

Second, these risks means that…

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