Monday, 27 March 2023

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Cointelegraph launches major update to its institutional-grade crypto intelligence dashboard

Cointelegraph launches major update to its institutional-grade crypto intelligence dashboard

The Cointelegraph Markets Pro platform was created with the aim to narrow the divide between institutional and retail investors. Its proprietary tools, like the Newsquakes™ indicator, the VORTECS™ Score and the Tweet Sentiment indicator, are the platform’s primary methods of achieving this goal.

Looking back at Cointelegraph Markets Pro alerts performance shows that the institutional-grade platform has been a resounding success. Since 2021, the platform has produced an average return of at least:

  • 2,895% in gains from score-based trading strategies (potentially turning $10,000 into $289,549)
  • 546% in gains from time-based trading strategies (potentially turning $10,000 into $54,635)
  • 851% in gains from buy-and-hold breakout strategies (potentially turning $10,000 into $85,179)

After two years of delivering several winning trade opportunities every week and listening to direct feedback from thousands of users, the Cointelegraph Markets Pro team has taken the most requested feature updates, along with what they knew would improve the platform most, and came up with an even more powerful iteration.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro 2.0 — What’s new?

The new dashboard pairs new features with an organization revamp that makes it easier for traders to receive and interpret information.

The dashboard, for example, is now split into Short Term Trends and Long Term Trends, allowing traders to easily toggle between the sections depending on their trading preferences.

Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

Here’s a summary of the most impactful new features:

1. An updated news section

The news section now features top trending news and latest news. Top trending news is calculated based on the number of times stories have been tweeted over a 24-hour period. Users can also find the news category in red letters below the title.

2. Top VORTECS™ Scores

Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

The new dashboard provides more detailed information about the tokens with the top VORTECS™ Scores — a numerical value that accounts for an asset’s current sentiment, Twitter activity, trading volume and price movement compared to the entire history of that asset. A higher score suggests current market conditions have historically been more bullish for an asset in a 24-hour window.

3. Top 5 Exchange Inflows and Outflows

Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

The Top 5 Exchange Outflow section features the assets being removed from an exchange the most frequently over the last hour or 24 hours. If…

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